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Should you be studying again? What are the prospects of studying further… Dare you take up another course? Have you been avoiding your passion to fulfill the humdrum of working day life?
Are you an academic hiding behind a till or a poet hiding behind an I.T. desk?

Astrology can clearly determine these questions. An astrologer will look at your birth chart as well as your transit and see what it is that you should be studying, when and if you should start and whether the subject you have chosen is best for you. You may think this is vocational astrology- the Astrology of careers, but you won’t always be studying for your career nor should you.

As a rule people with strong mercurial signs, Gemini and Virgo’s tend to work well behind a desk. And that is the place they wish to be. They are the academics. They may keep studying while maintaining their job or make a job out of their studying. That is not to say that if you aren’t a Geminin or Virgo that you won’t be an academic. There are other signs and planets that help determine this.

The position of your natal Jupiter shows your propensity for higher learning, thinking, and philosophical discernment. It also indicates where you feel a sense of reward and meaning in this life. The moon (amongst other things) shows your predominant temperament. The sun will show where you will shine, whether it is at the theater, managing a coffee shop or the stationary in your desk.

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