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Can Vedic Astrology be used to predict Success in Business? This question has a two- part answer: the first is applying the principles of astrology to a business as a separate entity. The second is the analysis of your own astrology birth chart for indications of success in the business area.
Since we usually think of Vedic Astrology as a tool for understanding ourselves and foretelling our personal future, the idea of using astrology for predicting for a business may sound a bit odd. But really astrology can be applied to any born entity for which we can create a Birth Chart.

Business astrology deals with commercial analysis of the Zodiac nativities. Indian astrology will be focusing here the planets responsible to trade of different Zodiac, Sun sign. The seventh house in a horoscope denotes business for any Zodiac nativity. Moreover, any house can play the role of seventh house. Thus, any planet can initiate business, provided it is being influenced by planet responsible for the seventh house in a horoscope. This is seen that, when people go through the phase of seventh house in their horoscope get involved in commerce. In business astrology, while judging a horoscope to find out trade opportunity of a person, each and every planet has to be scrutinized with their physical position, angular position, occupying position of Zodiac sign and its aspects.

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