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On the Occasion of Ramnavmi 0

RamNavami is celebrated as the birthday of Hindu god Shri Ramchandra. According to Hindu calendar the day is Chaitra Shukla Navami. In some regions, this day is also marked as the marriage day of Ram and Sita and popularly known as Kalyanotsavam. It is considered that Ram’s dynasty descended from the Sun(Raghukula), so the prayers on Ramnavmi start early in the morning with worshiping Sun first. In the afternoon, which is supposed to be Lord Ram’s birth time, special Poojas are performed across temples.

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Janmastami celebration 0
Janmastami celebration

Janmastami is the festival celebrated for two days in whole of india and the most important event celebrated during janmastami is the 'Dahi Handi'. As kids we have always heard the story of how naughty was lord krishna as a child and his love for butter (makhan) which he along with his friends used to steal from the handi. As the handis used to be kept at greater heights krishna with his friends would form a small pyramid and get the makhan down. This is the significance of celebrating dahi handi, this depicts the mischivious acts of lord krishna, reliving the pranks played by him. 

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Reincarnation for the win of GOOD over EVIL 0
Reincarnation for the win of GOOD over EVIL

'Lord Krishna' reincarnation of lord Vishnu. According to mythological stories and narrations. Lord Krishna was born for a reason. The reason was to kill "Kans". Yes, Kans was the tyrant ruler of the Vrishni kingdom, a place in Mathura, the brother of Devaki 'mother of lord Krishna'. Lord Vishnu reincarnated himself as Devaki and Vasudevas son during Janmastrami. That's the reason Janmastami is celebrated with enthusiasm and joy in whole of India...

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The hidden story to the birth of Lord Ganesh 0
The hidden story to the birth of Lord Ganesh

Ganesh chaturthi a festival celebrated with joy in Maharashtra, marked as the birth date of lord ganesh. Son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi, also addressed by his devotees as the elephant lord. Did you know that ‘Brahma Vaivarta Purana’ narrated a different version to Lord Ganesh’s birth.

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